After planning for the event for Feb 2022,  we then had another spike in Covid 19 cases. After carful consideration  we decided to postpone the event till 2023. We felt, to fill venues at this point would be wrong. The date set for 2023 will be 4th-5th February
Music making a difference was formed in  2020 following a fire that sadly destroyed Northwich Outdoor Market. It left many of the traders with no income and no stock (All were uninsured). The musicians in the area came together with Macks Music, in the space of three weeks we organised the largest music event ever seen in Northwich. Over 200 musicians played on the same day in 28 venues across the town, The Plaza Northwich being the venue for the main stage. We raised almost £13,000 to help traders get back on their feet. It was an amazing achievement. 
In Lockdown 2020, we once again called on musicians our aim was to highlight the plight of the music/events industry. With help from the Plaza Northwich, ADB Live and a wonderful team of Freelance Technicians. We were able to film and record 20 bands/artists and present the whole thing live in August. With Guest interviews and contributions from around the world, this was truly an international event.
                        Our conclusion - MUSIC REALLY CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
                         We aim to paint the town with music again in February 2022
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